The problems with international trade and democracy

The problems with international trade and democracy

Legally sold products can make possible to copy them, and if the copies are made by government the law is powerless. 

When we are selling products to some country, we are thinking that the laws in that area are similar to what we have in a democracy. And this is the problematic thing. Here in western Europe laws are enforced by authorities, and if somebody wants to make illegal copies of products, this thing would be investigated and denied by the government, what orders punishment in this situation. But here is one thing, what nobody ever thought and that thing is that is, what if the government itself makes pirate products, and also makes industrial spying? 

This is the question, what we ever thought when we started to make business with some countries. We ever thought that some nations military intelligence would target the espionage and intelligence operations to the private corporations, or that the hacking operations what was targeted to the high-tech companies bought the information, what was delivered to the private companies, what were owned by the local businessmen. This is the new situation in the industrial spying. 

We couldn’t believe that the government makes pirate merchandise

Ever before we were facing the situation, that government “rents spies” for private industry. And when we are thinking about things like “New Cold War”, we are facing a big threat in the area of hacking. If we are thinking that the next Cold War is the line between democratic and non-democratic countries, we are facing a new threat in the line of data security. In the modern version of the Cold War, there will be the firewall between the sides and the mission of that thing is to deny the information operations on both sides. 

The threat is that the criminal hacker teams would benefit this change in the political environment, and they must only place one computer in some flat in some country, what is behind the firewall between the democratic and non-democratic countries. And then those hackers would remote use that computer in their operations. This thing would bring them very good benefit because if the political culture in that country denies the co-operation with western authorities, would also normal criminal hacking team operate under the protection of some nation. And of course, also western hackers can sell information to the governments of the other side, and this kind of things makes the situation even more complicated than they ever been before.